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Making Skyrim look nice…

I’ve had many different mod set-ups that I’ve enjoyed. The current set-up is based off ESO’s Ultimate Immersion Mod Collection, with some mods switched out. The ENB preset for this collection is Ultimate Immersion. The weather mod I’m using is Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.

In the past, I’ve used Rudy ENB paired with Obsidian Weathers and loved it.

Playing as a bard in Skyrim…

Become A Bard
Skyrim’s Got Talent
Bards Reborn: Student of Song
Ordinator – following the ‘Performer’ branch of the Speech skill tree allows you to be useful as a bard during combat

More mod recommendations…

In addition to the aforementioned mods, some others I enjoy are:

Campfire & Frostfall
Wet & Cold
Keep It Clean

Tools and programs for making Skyrim content…

For making custom assets, I use: ZBrush and Blender for modeling and UV work, and Substance Painter and Photoshop for texturing.

For making mods/getting assets into the game, I use: The Creation Kit, Outfit Studio and Nifscope.