music: brutalmoose

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  • 10.25.2023
    Posted my Halloween minigame, Sesame’s Haunting! It’s available now on itch for free.
  • 10.22.2023
    Fixed the scrolling issue that was happening on the Art and Kaleidoscope pages! You can now scroll to the bottom of the pages again.
  • 10.16.2023
    Uploaded STUDY TIME, AYA! to my page. She’s an interactive desktop buddy I finished a while ago but never posted. If you check her out, I hope you like her!
  • 10.15.2023
    Added to the Art page: 1 new drawing and 6 new .gifs from 2 new minigames I’m about to release!
  • 04.18.2023
    Added a new drawing to the art page

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